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SAF Holland Fifth Wheel Assembly with FW35 top Plate and Brackets | FW35Y800XL00

SAF Holland Fifth Wheel Assembly with FW35 top Plate and Brackets | FW35Y800XL00

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About this Item

  • The SAF-HOLLAND Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of chassis-related assemblies and components for trailers, trucks and buses. This Fifth Wheel is crafted after many years of improvement and represents the best of SAF-HOLLAND excellence tradition
  • Cast Steel FW35 Top Plate. Optimized casting provides maximum strength to weight ratio
  • Lock indicator offers clear visual signal
  • Unique Twin Lock design for greater kingpin to lock contact area and coupling protection. Left and Right Side Brackets Included
  • 6 Years/600.000 Miles Performance Guarantee


Saf-Holland is a well-known manufacturer of premium-quality commercial vehicle components, including their highly-regarded fifth-wheel coupling systems. Saf-Holland fifth wheels are engineered to provide safe, reliable, and efficient coupling between tractor units and trailers.


  • Part: Fifth Wheel Assembly with FW35 Plate
  • Part OEM: FW35Y800XL00 (SAF Holland)
  • Lube Type: Standard
  • Material: Cast Steel
  • Top Plate: FW35
  • Brackets: RK-Y800 (Left and Right Side Included)
  • Height Each: 4 3/4"
  • Width Each: 36 1/2"
  • Length Each: 35 1/2"
  • Kingpin Size: 2"
  • Mounting Type: Stationary
  • Mounting Style: Foot Mount Bracket
  • Maximum Vertical Load Capacity: 55000 lb
  • Maximum Drawbar Pull Capacity: 150000 lb
  • Release: Left Manual
  • Duty Rating: Moderate to severe, on and off highway


  • Original Equipment Manufacturer: SAF-HOLLAND
  • Top Plate OEM Number:: XA-351-A-L-P
  • Foot Mount OEM Number:: RK-Y800
  • Assembly OEM Part Number:: FW35X800XL00

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Package: 18 in x 40 in x 36 in

Weight: 307.0 lb

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FW35 Stationary Foot Mount Brakets

Stationary fifth wheels are best suited for applications where the axle loading, kingpin setting, and vehicle combination length all remain constant throughout the fleet. Stationary fifth wheels are generally lighter than sliding fifth wheels but do not offer the application flexibility of sliding fifth wheels.

The Foot Mount is the most appropriate choice for a stationary fifth wheel in scenarios where there is consistent axle loading, kingpin setting, and vehicle combination length across the entire fleet. This option offers high torsional rigidity, which makes it more durable than other types of mounts. A flat or corrugated mounting plate is required for foot mount brackets, which may increase the cost slightly. However, the added durability and strength make this option ideal for commercial trucking operations that require a dependable coupling system.

  • Visible Lock Indicator

    The Visible Lock Indicator ensures that you know when your lock is properly engaged, giving you peace of mind and added security. With a quick glance, you can see whether the lock is open or closed, making it easy to ensure that your valuable items are protected at all times.

  • Easy Infinite Lock Adjustment

    The Easy Infinite Lock Adjustment feature allows you to quickly and easily adjust the lock to fit a variety of different applications. Whether you need to lock a small cabinet or a large gate, our system can be adjusted to provide the perfect fit, every time.

    Saf Holland Infinite Lock Adjustment Technology 
  • NoLube™ Pocket Inserts

    This feature is a game-changer in the world of trailer suspensions. These innovative inserts eliminate the need for messy lubricants, making maintenance easier and more convenient than ever before.

    Saf Holland - NoLube™ Technology 
  • E-Z Grip™ Release Handle

    Saf Holland's E-Z Grip™ Release Handle is an innovative solution for trailer suspensions that offers improved safety, comfort, and convenience for drivers and operators.

  • Precision TwinLock™ mechanism

    Saf Holland's TwinLock is an advanced coupling system designed to provide reliable and secure connections between tractor and trailer units in the transportation industry.The TwinLock system is equipped with two locking mechanisms that work in tandem to ensure a secure and stable connection. The first lock is a traditional kingpin lock that provides primary security, while the second lock is a patented WedgeLock™ that provides an additional layer of protection against accidental uncoupling.

  • Cast-In Grease Grooves

    The Cast-In Grease Grooves are an advanced lubrication solution for trailer suspensions. These grooves are integrated into the suspension system during the casting process, providing a built-in lubrication system that requires minimal maintenance and delivers consistent performance.