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  • Service Brake Chambers

    They are critical components of the main brake system in commercial vehicles, providing the majority of the braking force needed to slow down and stop the vehicle. These brake chambers use a piston or diaphragm design to apply the brakes when air pressure is supplied to them and release the brakes when the air pressure is released. Service brake chambers are available in different sizes and designs to meet the requirements of various commercial vehicles. Long-stroke service brake chambers are also available, which can provide more braking force with less air pressure.

  • Spring Brake Chambers

    Also an important component of the parking brake system in commercial vehicles. They are designed to engage the brakes automatically in case of air pressure loss, such as when a hose or line is broken. The spring brake chamber includes a powerful spring that compresses when the brakes are released, and when the air pressure is lost, the spring applies force to the brake shoes or pads, locking the wheels in place. Spring brake chambers are available in different sizes and configurations to meet the requirements of various commercial vehicles. They are also designed to meet safety standards, such as FMVSS 121, to ensure their reliability and durability.

  • Most Common Types

    For service brake chambers are Type 12, Type 16, and Type 20. Type 12 is typically used in light-duty trucks and trailers, Type 16 is commonly found in medium-duty trucks and buses, and Type 20 is frequently used in heavy-duty applications like tractor-trailers. Long-stroke service brakes chambers like Type 24 and Type 30 are also popular choices for heavy-duty vehicles that require more stopping power with less air pressure.
    For spring brake chambers, the most common types are Type 20, Type 24, Type 30, and Type 36. Type 20 and Type 24 are used in light- and medium-duty vehicles, while Type 30 and Type 36 are designed for heavy-duty applications like tractor-trailers and buses.