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Fortpro 22.5 x 8.25 Alcoa Style Forged Aluminum Wheel Hub Piloted 10 HAND HOLES - Pallet of 18 Units

Fortpro 22.5 x 8.25 Alcoa Style Forged Aluminum Wheel Hub Piloted 10 HAND HOLES - Pallet of 18 Units

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About this Item

  • Increased strength and durability: Forged aluminum is a stronger and more durable material than cast aluminum, which means that forged aluminum wheels can withstand more stress and handle heavier loads. This means that the wheels will last longer and require less maintenance, which can save you money in the long run.
  • Reduced weight: Forged aluminum is also lighter than cast aluminum, which means that the overall weight of the vehicle is reduced. This can result in improved fuel efficiency, which can help to reduce your operating costs. Additionally, the reduced weight of the wheels can also result in better performance and handling, which can make your semi-truck more efficient and easier to drive.
  • Better heat dissipation: Forged aluminum wheels have better heat dissipation properties than cast aluminum wheels, which can help to reduce the risk of tire failure caused by overheating. This can help to improve the safety of your vehicle and can also help to reduce the need for maintenance and repairs.
  • Enhanced aesthetics: Forged aluminum wheels have a sleek, polished appearance that can enhance the overall look of your semi-truck. This can help to make your vehicle stand out on the road and can also help to improve the resale value of your semi-truck.
  • Cost-effective: Finally, forged aluminum wheels are cost-effective, as they are cheaper than other options such as steel, titanium or carbon-fiber wheels and they can last longer.


Are you in need of new wheels for your semi-truck? Look no further! We have a pallet of 18 forged aluminum wheels that are perfect for your semi-truck and trailer. 

Discover the strength and durability of forged aluminum wheels. Ideal for heavy-duty and semi-trucks vehicles, these wheels are able to withstand high loads and stresses and are resistant to deformation. Plus, their lightweight design can improve fuel efficiency and reduce wear and tear on suspension components. Shop now for the best selection and prices on forged aluminum wheels.

Aluminum wheels are lighter than steel and cast aluminum wheels. Forged wheels are stronger than cast aluminum wheels. That is why we can entirely recommend Fortpro Aluminum wheels.

Overall, investing in a set of forged aluminum wheels for your semi-truck can provide you with a variety of benefits that can improve the performance, safety, and appearance of your vehicle, as well as saving you money in the long run.



  • Diameter: 22.5 in
  • Width: 8.25 in


  • Outset: 167.9 mm
  • Inset: 147.2 mm

Bolt Hole (mm):

  • PCD: 285.75
  • No: 10
  • Dia 26


  • Dia: 220.20
  • Thic: 20.7

Max Loading: 7400 lbs


    255/70R 22.5 7.50, 8.25
    265/75 ★ 22.5 7.50, 8.25
    11 ★ 22.5 7.50, 8.25
    275/80R 22.5 7.50, 8.25
    295/75 ★ 22.5 8.25, 9.00
    305/70R 22.5 8.25, 9.00
    12 ★ 22.5 8.25, 9.00
    12.5 ★ 22.5 8.25, 9.00
    12.75 ★ 22.5 8.25, 9.00
    315/80R22.5 8.25, 9.00, 9.75


    (1) A ★ denotes both radial and bias tires. An R indicates radial tires only.

    (2) SDC denotes semi-drop center rims. Note: For tire sizes not shown, consult the Tire Manufacturer for approved rim contours.


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    We understand that cost is an important consideration when purchasing any product, and that's why we strive to offer our customers the best possible price without compromising on quality. Our target price is designed to be affordable for all of our customers and offers a great value for the number of wheels that you will be receiving.

    Don't miss this opportunity to purchase a pallet of 18 high-quality forged aluminum wheels at an unbeatable price.