Let's talk about our Mud Flap Hangers +

MaxiTrucks is a trucking industry leader in supplying truck and trailer parts and accessories, including a full line of mud flap hangers that will fit on your rig. Our expansive online catalog has a wide range of options for heavy duty semi-truck mud flap hangers in a variety of types and sizes.

Mud flap hangers for semi-trucks at MaxiTrucks come with straight or angled bars with varying cuts designed to fit different types of trucks and setups.

Why Your Truck Needs Mud Flap Hangers? +

Heavy-duty trucks have mud flap hangers installed to hang mud flaps for a variety of reasons. Mud flap hangers for trucks come in a variety of styles and sizes to securely hold mud flaps in place. While mud flaps are commonly used as decorative additions to their rigs, they also serve several significant benefits, including:

  •  Advertising

  • Longevity

  • Legal requirement

Mud Flap Hangers Help to Avoid DOT Infractions +

Mud flaps not only work to prevent water and other road debris from being thrown from the rear wheels of the vehicle; they have also required equipment under certain states' Department of Transportation regulations. Driving trucks without the properly sized and designed mud flaps can lead to DOT trouble in some states.

MaxiTrucks can supply you with affordable semi-truck mud flap hangers that will help protect your truck and trailer and keep your truck compliant with the law. Browse our online catalog for high-quality heavy-duty mud flap hangers and all of your truck and trailer parts and accessory needs.

For more information on our semi-truck mud flaps, contact a member of our team today. We’re here to help!